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About Me

I don't think anyone finds it easy to talk about or to describe themselves.  I think it's just that more difficult when you're asked to talk about your work experience.  In photography the work is visual and subjective.  If someone has studied the medium I find that the person usually finds a deeper meaning in whatever they are viewing.


I rarely read About Me pages because they are either laid back humble or they're inflated braggery leaving out the part about the day-job.  Sometimes they're informative as they should be, but basically, basic. 

This is my website where I let my creativity run wild. I shoot and post what I like, and not necessarily what I think my visitors might like.  Perfection doesn't interest me.  Don't get me wrong, when I shoot, and develop my film, I am on Photoshop cropping images, and eliminating dust, but I shoot the image that I want  in-camera; it's not the by-product of a digital wash.

This site is a film photography and toy camera (Holga anyone?) website.  I learned photography in manual mode and on film. I still feel the ever present mix of excitement, and or fear while working in total darkness producing negatives and  images.


I still have to explain what Lomography is... with my web address and a wink; which by the way is what I think defines Lomography.


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