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Welcome to Chemical Lens!

This is my film photography website where I post my (mostly) current images, made with plastic and traditional film cameras.

Hey and welcome! As many of you know this not a new site it only looks new. Everyone kept asking me if I shoot color film, no doubt because my previous site was probably ninety-percent black and white images. Yes I shoot color. So on my last project I shot a lot of color film and when I began to put them up on my old site the color galleries didn't look good to me on a white background. So I jumped ship from Weebly to Wix where there are many more options.

At the moment I have a huge crush on the Revolog Tesla I as you will see in the "No Rules" gallery. The film is one in a series where special effects are already in place so when you go out and shoot you get what you get without warning. So to produce images with almost perfectly placed lightning strikes is pretty amazing (to me anyway). To say that I was really pleased with my results is an understatement. I have quite a few personal favorites from that one roll of film. I eagerly posted one to an ex-Facebook photography group that I was in and it was never published. No reason. No comment. Ghosted. I guess (?) they thought it was violent or mean. I say ex.

Anyway on my site, you will read about, and feel free to feed back, film photography and Lomography. I use Holgas; 120, 135 PAN (a great and rare find brand new on Flea-Bay for a song) and the 135bc. I shop the sales on Lomography where I collect the Diana Fs and their accessories. I'll get into more details about film, cameras and lighting in future blogs. I live in Michigan and the winter was brutal so I didn't shoot a lot; now I'm making up for lost time and I've been souping my own color film.

If you're a romantic about film photography or just getting into it this is the blog to read; weekly.

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