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Same Yet Different

Hi Everyone!

I think that I found two excellent examples of what is at the core of lomography.  Here are two images shot with the same camera (Diana F+), same lens (Diana 38mm Super-Wide angle) and same film (Ilford Pan F+). The only difference is the light.  The clock image was shot on a sunny day with perfect blue skies and looks like a traditional photograph.. ​

The Ford Piquette image was shot on an overcast snowy day and has the dreamy quality that so defines lomography.  The approach for both images were the same, but the results are completely different. When you shoot with lomography equipment (cameras and lenses) as I do, I'm never sure how the final images will come out, which for me is what's so unpredictable, and creative, and addictive about it.

Personally I like both images; I feel that they are opposite sides of the same coin.  I was looking at my Instagram page yesterday and from photo to photo a definitive "style" cannot be attached to them, and I know its because I'm a lomographer.  Instagram is a huge platform where photographers can, and do, reflect their personal style. I think its kind of cool that mine is ruler drooler (a new term that I picked up from the Urban Dictionary and have also linked to a new portfolio that I'm working on but have not yet published).

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