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World on Fire

I went to the Detroit anti-war rally #nowarwithiran that was being held nationwide yesterday. Naturally I shot film; a roll of 3200 Ilford with my Holga because it gets dark a little after 5 p.m., in Detroit, and three rolls of Fuji X-tra 400 with my Nikon FM2 and Lensbaby. This morning I developed, scanned and posted the pictures on my site and on my Facebook pages.

Unfortunately a troll was following the hashtag, but fortunately the admins, now have a delete/hide button. I will be the first to admit that I am very political, but like religion, I don't share or try to convert anyone to my way of thinking, or to my beliefs. I'm also exhausted from the steady diet of political news good, bad, and fake. I want to turn off my head; CNN, Facebook, and my Twitter feeds because it's so overwhelming; there is just so much going on.

The easy thing to do is to disconnect, but because our opinions really matter now, it's not the thing for me to do. I see koala bears running from fire, and smoking from their real burns, the news about the climate is dire daily, and the politics in America is on a wow level that we've never seen before.

I am convinced that this era will go down in our history books as one of the most confusing, passionate, and volatile eras since the 1970's when the country distrusted practically everything defined as political.

The world is on fire literally and metaphorically. Last year it was the Amazon rain forest (still burning) and California, and this year it's Australia. I keep hearing the sentence in my head that Generation X, and the Baby Boomers will die of old age, and Millennials and Gen Z, will die of climate change. That struck me simultaneously as sad, selfish and disturbing.

In a time where political policies are affecting all of our lives, it is not a time to tune out, but a time to look at ourselves, and the world in the eye whatever the politics, religion, race or gender, and answer the disquieting questions that are being asked of us all.

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