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Agility in Photography

It's Halloween weekend and I had all my shoots planned right down to the cameras and film. It was going to be an all day session; two early events and after sunset a hunt for Saturday night Halloween costumes in the city. Needless to say my plans quickly changed like the weather from amazing to no. It was a cold fall day.

After my first event I had had it, and I was heading home to a hot lunch and some photo editing. As I was walking back I noticed a large Palestinian gathering in Hart Plaza. I was unhappy that I had missed a smaller march that had occurred last week so when I noticed all the marchers, and the flags I felt fortunate and I was thankful that I had packed an extra battery for my Nikon D5300.

I hate war. I hate seeing the suffering, and I hate reading about the politics behind them. As the plaza filled up, and the signs came out I noticed the children with signs that read, and I'm paraphrasing, who needs Halloween when war is the horror. Those images stuck with me all weekend. No matter what your political views are we all must find a way to embrace another solution to our contentions other than war.

All of the images in this week's gallery are digital with very little editing. When I shoot crowds like this I compose and crop in camera otherwise I think the images will come out cookie-cutter; or afflicted with sameness. You also have to shoot fast because you have ten or more subjects doing ten different things and it's easy to come home with chaos. Order within the frame takes work.

The subject of any march is the march itself and not the people. The people are important because they provide the human element but it's their cause that should take center stage. The children has been a focal point for the call of a cease fire and I've included this element in my images. Click to view larger; galleries and slide shows are cropped.

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