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Holga & Diana Camera Hacks

Lomography is about creativity and I like to also think experimentation. The Holga is a standard 60 mm lens that produces a 6 x 6 negative. I when I started shooting with the Holga I bought their accessories; filters, attachments, not their flashes which had a bad rep. One day I tried their "wide angle" attachment and came home without any usable images. I was never in a young at heart and "it doesn't matter" phase, so naturally I was pissed (mad not drunk) and I took to my sofa to recover.

I'm serious about photography. If I see a cool image I want to bring that image back with me. Now I hack my Holgas. Hacking means to me that I've looked under the hood and added some fine tuning. In the case of my digital Holga I added a Nikon WC-E63 wide converter which is now a wide angle digital holga. I glued a 27-28 mm converter ring to the lens and voila! A wide angle lens converter that actually works.

This weekend I experimented with my Diana F+ and my Lensbaby close up lens. After reading a wrong internet post that said the Diana filter ring is 30.5 (it's actually 28 mm) I ordered a step up ring 28-37 mm. It fits pretty good but the combination; fail. This was not a happy marriage. I'm not sure what happened but the film was over exposed as in cooked; black. Nothingness. I still haven't figured this out.

I used Ilford Pan + which is a beautiful black and white ortho film with an 80 ISO that works great in plastic cameras. Black and white films are more sensitive in these cameras and you can shoot lower ISOs in the Holgas and the Dianas. This is not true with color film. If you want to shoot color film stick with the higher ISOs. I will shoot 400 and even 800 outside in sunlight and bring home workable negatives.

I shot a lot of film this weekend. I'm still developing so I will be adding images throughout this week to Roulette which is a current portfolio that changes on Mondays. The older images can now be seen in the "No Rules" portfolio.

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