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Bubbles & Smoke

Hash Bash is an annual event where there is smoke and music with an equal dose of activism to review federal and state marijuana laws. The event is held on the first Saturday in April and this year that meant April Fool's day. This was appropriate because the day started out a sunny, and dare I say warm 59 degrees. A little rain and two hours later it was a frigid 39. This harsh temperature drop was not even close to being fun or funny.

My equipment of choice for the bash was my hot pink Holga with the 35 mm film back and my Lomography LC Wide (I'm still obsessed with the half frame images). This was a second outing with Kono! Original Mirage that I matched with my Lomo LC Wide. This film is supposed to be reanimated producing warm to wildly saturated images. I've had a lot of success with their Sunstroke and Galaxy films but the Mirage is plain Kodak without any effect; perhaps I received an anemic batch. The Holga eats light so I set it on cloudy and I loaded it with Cinestill 800 and I was not disappointed.

I arrive at events early and Saturday was no exception. This, however, proved to be challenging because of the temperature drop. I took a detour into the University of Michigan Museum of Art after being transfixed with the outside sculpture called "Behind the Walls" by Jaume Plensa. In a word it is amazing! The art as a whole is pretty impressive and it was an hour well spent.

I don't smoke, I never have, but at this event marijuana is openly smoked, shared and purchased. I can only imagine that if this were the 1960's it's a gas would have been floating around as freely as the smoke, the bubbles, and the mellow mood. Gen Z represented with an occasional flash of 1970's chic which made me smile. Time.

All the images are Holga except for images number two and three and have been added to the No Rules gallery (click to view larger the slide show is cropped).

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