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Cinestill D96

I'm probably late to the party but I "discovered" Cinestill D96 this week while shopping. I've been shooting their 800t this winter (nighttime comes early) and when I was surfing their products I read that they had a monobath for black and white film in any temperature.

I've been sporadically shooting black and white film and leaving it to develop later. Later for me means whenever this year. I've been having too much fun experimenting with my own film soups and experimental films from Lomography and Kono. So developing a roll of black and white film wasn't high on my list of priorities.

Cinestill D96 is a game changer. I ordered a few rolls of their black and white Double X film to see if it was as impressive as the 800t. I developed a roll of 120 in six minutes! I'm very impressed with the results and the time that it's saved me.

The temperatures around the country have been frigid to the point that tress are cracking from the cold. On Sunday we caught a break and temps went up to 37. I triple-layered, grabbed my Diana F and Lomo LC-a and headed out to Motown Love. I'm guessing that this is in honor of the upcoming Valentine's Day.

The event was a perfect excuse for getting out for some fresh air and testing the film. I came home smelling smoky from the outdoor fire pits and smiling from the fun. The Pistons mascot Hooper was super enthusiastic and the parade Big Heads were extremely accessible. Here are the first of many images that I'll be making with these products.

I posted an Instagram story a mini poll asking if anyone still enters photography contests. If you have not seen it and/or voted, please do so I'd like to know for my upcoming blog. Or just leave a comment below. Stay warm!

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