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City Lights... Again

It's nice to walk in a city that has light again. Roughly half of our downtown businesses are still closed and sadly some will never reopen but the old normal is peeking through. Life with Covid 19 restrictions of mask wearing, and social distancing are still mandatory, but it hasn't stopped some of the populace from not wearing masks and making merry as the temperatures rise and the real threat of death recedes.

The price of film has risen drastically. I recently looked at a single roll of 35 mm on B&H and it was $18! The first thought that popped into my head was "yeah, right," then for the first time, I thought that my analog days might be numbered. What can one buy with $18? Food, three $5 Blu Ray discs on Amazon, a month subscription of Netflix and have something left over for a bag of chips. $18 for one roll of film just seemed extravagant and if I'm being really honest with myself, ridiculous. Creativity makes me happy and spending $5-8 for a roll of film I could live with; but $18?

Just when my creative juices started flowing again I'm hit with a monkey wrench; will I let the cost of raw materials impact my creativity? Deep thoughts to be continued...

In my previous blog I told you that I dug out my Nikon F100. I was burning through too many rolls of film with my Holga so I've been shooting with my F100 and Lensbaby which strangely enough is behaving like a Holga; the film is skipping the sprockets and adding ghosting and lots of color. I had to laugh when I was scanning it because the expensive film that I was pricing was supposed to add color to the image in much the same way as my Nikon is doing on a $4 roll of film and I like it.

Here are some long awaited city lights and unexpected ghosting on a roll of reasonably priced Fuji X-tra film.

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