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Digital in Detroit

Happy Monday to all! This is going to be a brief blog because this weekend was a whirlwind of activity. I went to the Woodward Dream Cruise on Saturday. This is a yearly event where classic cars cruise Woodward Avenue and everyone comes out to either participate or to reminisce and see the vintage cars. Only in the Motor City.

Yesterday I went to the circus. You read that correctly and it was a blast. Lots of color, sun and fun. I packed my film cameras on both days but they never made it out of the bag. I am focused on updating my digital portfolio, and that's all I shot with. My Nikons D850 and D5300. The D850 is a beast; my camera bag was really heavy. I'm definitely not used to that.

I didn't leave my lomography roots completely behind. I shot the Dream Cruise manually. I took my Lensbaby composer and I nailed roughly 75% of the images. Some were laughable because I took a great picture of the road closed sign behind the subject. Oopse! Then on Sunday I set my D5300 on miniature effect because it produces insane color with a soft but prominent vignette.

The new portfolio is live and I placed it under the Home page tab and I named it ... drumroll... Events portfolio, lol. I know unique right? I own another domain and I might use it in the future but everyone knows Chemical Lens and at the end of the day it's adding a page and not creating an entire site from scratch.

I have to get back to my editing. The first 10ish images are from the circus. I asked my friend what do you think? The first reply that came back was they're so sharp! This made me laugh. I silently admitted to the sharpness of the images when I was going through them. I've been defending soft images and plastic cameras for so long that sharp was a slap in the face. Literally! Take a look and let me know what you think and have a great week! Click to view larger; galleries and slide shows are cropped.

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