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Double Double Exposures

Hi Everyone!

I thought that I'd quickly tell you how I make my double exposure images with my Holga and Diana cameras.  For anyone who is new to the concept, double exposure photography is simply two images taken on top of one another in-camera.  This is different from sandwiching or stacking negatives in the darkroom.  With a double exposure there is only one negative.

I've said previously that I like to work with slow film; asa 25 or asa 50.  I don't think too in-depth about how I'm going to go double.  I'll shoot and then I'll either move in close, back up or flip the camera upside down, or turn it sideways.  This is yet another reason why I like plastic cameras; the possibilities are endless.  It is rare that I'll do a triple exposure, but of course I've experimented to see first, how the image will come out, and second, how it affects the film and whether or not the image is fried (over exposed).

With slow asa film my negatives rarely comes out over exposed (too dark) so for me I've found the right combination of film, camera and light.  I haven't been out shooting lates because the weather has been too frigid; if anyone is asking what that is - it's everything below 19 degrees.  In the meantime I'm constantly thinking about new projects, reading film reviews (I have a few rolls of Revolog that I can't wait to try) and looking at photography by other creatives.  Like, follow, share and join my photo groups on Facebook!

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