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Experimental Film Stocks

Experimental film is a term that I use to describe the alternative or reanimated film stocks. This would include Revolog, Kono! Original Film and the lomochromes by Lomography. I've gravitated towards these brands because at this point we've seen it all, and probably shot most of it in a similar way in spite of our personal style. These film stocks in my humble opinion allows the photographer or lomographer to push their vision.

Ten years ago I bought Kodak, Fuji and Ilford which were the industry standards. Now I buy Cinestill, Kono! Original Film and Revolog. Cinestill is my replacement of the traditional film stocks. This film brand, and their processing chemicals, especially the D96 which is a monobath are excellent. I have black and white images in six minutes. I absolutely love that.

I don't really experiment with these films. I consider them ready to load and go. I experiment with expired slide and negative film that I buy from eBay with found or concocted recipes for film soups. I like to manipulate the colors with different liquids and cross processing techniques.

The images below are some examples of my favorite film stocks from the aforementioned films. The Times Square image is a perfect example of we've all been there done that. I like the thought of standing next to another photographer, and knowing that we might have the same subject, but I'm going home with a completely unique image.

As with the toy cameras that I use these films are unpredictable. You never know what you have until it's developed. Each frame is unique like our creative vision. So, grab your camera of choice, and reach, run and jump into the abyss today and all tomorrows. Click to view larger; galleries and slide shows are cropped.

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Hello there! I was wondering which Kono! films you have shot and which is your favorite? It isn't a film stock I've had the pleasure of trying yet so I'm curious!

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Thank you! I had been looking at the Sunstroke so may order a couple rolls

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