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Film or Digital Photography

Photography is a demanding profession. I just want to put that out there. Whether it is film or digital photography at the end of the day it is all work. It's a real bonus when there is a major mix of creativity which I try to add no matter which format that I use.

This is a filmless post. My second week of no film photography, I do want to write my thoughts on the pros and cons from my recent digital shoots. I think my major pet peeve is all the images to go through to get that "one". As a film shooter I know the cost of each negative, and I shoot selectively. I'm patient and I wait for the image that I want.

I'm still shooting selectively but with digital and a memory card I'm coming home with a hundred plus files and reviewing them isn't as much fun as rolling a cannister of film and heating up the chemicals. I will add that after the file review the editing is a snap. It's primarily color adjustment, or at the hardest end; removing that one person out of five who blinked.

This digital weekend I was around a lot of people I went to the Don Weekend which is an annual event hosted by the Sean Anderson Foundation and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan. It was really fun as in there were kids running around, and everyone was nice, and didn't mind getting their pictures taken. As photographers we all know that this isn't always easy.

I still prepare a day before a shoot so I played with the settings on my D850. I wanted to get richer but natural color so I made the proper adjustments and shot in auto. I learned on site that I didn't pay attention to the shutter speed. Oopse! I attached my Lensbaby again, and I focused manually. I was pleasantly surprised with the slow shutter (I'm guessing a 60th of a second) and the action. There were so many photographers there and everywhere! I did a lot of cropping in camera. Still, I knew that I had something completely different from the rest.

I'm still editing. The Don Weekend was a two day event so there are many images to look at. Here are some that I liked a lot. I also took my Nikon D5300 (a dynamo) for the traditional portrait images.

Photographer's note: I picked the football images, one because I liked them. and two they foreshadowed the event. The signs behind the players, Play Here was Big Sean's team, whom is pictured with the headscarf, and Champions was Mary Sheffield's team whom I believe won the game. They were up when I left. Click to view larger; galleries and slide shows are cropped.

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