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Friday the 13th

For most people Friday the 13th is a day destined for bad luck. Or a bad movie that I could never get through. It's not a unique day because it can come up several times within a year. Last Friday I went out with some Revolog Tesla 2 film. I thought that I'd add some spice to a walk downtown. The D was bustling with people; there was a night game at Comerica Park, the handle bars were filled with people peddling down the streets with friends and singing to loud music. It was Friday so people were out enjoying their Friday night like times of old; or at least like times before Covid.

I'm not great at judging distance and I missed an entire roll of shots last week so I loaded up my Diana F+ with some #Cinestill 800 as a test roll to correct this. Film is not cheap. I also loaded up my Nikon FA with the Revolog and attached my Lensbaby Sweet 50. Dusk was dropping quickly so the images that I shot was low light. I didn't push any film because I wanted to see the actual without compensation.

I didn't post any of the Diana F+ images but they did give me enough information to make the corrections that were needed to produce good images. I used this new information on the following day. I took a lot of double exposures that I'll share with you next week. I'm pretty happy with these images; they were made in one of Detroit's oldest neighborhoods.

Shooting film is more than just the camera there is a lot of stuff in the bag; extra film, extra lenses, extra, extra which will be a future post. My point here is that I over packed as usual so when I got home I made myself a promise; two cameras max when I take the tripod; which I didn't even use on Friday. I gravitated to, and embraced toy cameras because they're so light weight. After two hours of walking with a 25+ pound bag annoyance kicks in big time.

Second look. Below is an image that I rejected at first but then I took a closer look. I remembered what had caught my attention; the image is obviously altered with the slow shutter and my complete inability to keep perfectly still. Magic. Lomography.

New images from this shoot have been posted in the weekly portfolio Roulette which will change on Mondays.

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