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Happy New Year & Welcome to the Holga 52 Week Photography Challenge

I hope that everyone had a safe and happy holiday!

Welcome back to Chemical Lens! If you've been spending most of your time preparing for the major holidays and not surfing, I get it. I've used the time to update quite a few pages by adding new images and re-formatting. I also did a bit of housekeeping, new music. I don't get bored easily, but I do believe in fresh content.

This year you will read a lot from me about what else ... photography. I'm kicking off a film photography Holga camera challenge. The Holga 52 Week Photography Challenge will begin on January 12! I picked Sundays as submission days because most people are off and will most likely be able to stick to it, and just do it.

I've added a timer on the challenge page that I will reset weekly. This timer is not to be confused with a larger timer on a page by itself titled "Timer" that will announce some very exciting news. I'll continue to drop hints about this so you'll have to keep up the reading.

I've been on Facebook a lot because it's a quick scan and go platform so I hope that you all have started to follow me and of course like my page. If you want to quickly catch up as to what I've been up to (it's been a lot of photography) then have a look-see.

I'm really excited about the Holga challenge because I'd like to connect with others who use this camera. When I do a hashtag search most of my own postings come up; where is the fun in that? I asked a question on one of the rare Facebook Holga groups if anyone owned a digital Holga camera? I received one reply from someone who said that theirs didn't work. My digital Holga works great and always has. It's very cool how it manipulates and throws light. So if you have a digital Holga I'd love for you to join my Facebook group and open up another dialogue.

Here are some images that I shot and posted recently. And yesterday I developed some Revolog film from summer 2018 which you will find in "No Rules," "Portfolio" and "Home". Yes, I am still catching up on my color developing.

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