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Holga & Variable Film Speed Film

Variable film speed film is tricky to shoot especially in a Holga that has no controls. I have had a lot of success by guessing the exposure and shooting them at their lowest speed. Last night I loaded my Holga with Cinestill 120 Double X black and white film which has an ISO range from 200 to 800. This is a gorgeous film that renders deep blacks and clean whites.

I wanted to shoot a long exposure of a vintage Ford that is currently parked outside of Le Supreme restaurant; on the sidewalk. I decided to shoot on Sunday evening because there would be less people around and I was right. Last Friday was the annual tree lighting and downtown was packed. I was in awe when the Q Line a train that is never crowded passed me by packed with people.

The exposure time that I guessed was around 25 to 27 seconds which was pretty accurate. I was pleased with the technical side what I didn't like was the actual images. Long exposure photography at times can be hit or miss. It's night but sometimes with street lights the subject can come out looking on stage or fake as if it had been lit with artificial light, which is what happened to me last night.

I'm thinking of a reshoot in color. I'm hoping that the car will still be there. It's a prop and cars parked on sidewalks usually has a meter running. I'm reluctantly posting one image of a double exposure that was slightly successful.

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