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How Important is Light? Very.

It's late and I'm exhausted. I shot film all weekend by this I mean Saturday and Sunday afternoon. The weather finally broke and Sunday was amazing as in 76 degrees and sunny. Oddly enough my best images were taken on Saturday with a blank overcast sky or so I thought. To the naked eye there was nothing but dove grey. So when I scanned my images I was very happy.

The love for my Lomo LC Wide deepens with every outing. I say this because like my Holga I never know what I have until I get home. I don't shoot with intention. I shoot what I like at the moment and so far it's just worked out. The images that I've included in this week's post are perfect examples of this and how light impacts and changes your photos by the minute.

Light is so important in taking pictures. I would hear this in behind the scenes docs on DVDs and I would think pffft, yeah whatever. But it is definitely true. If I can offer any advice it is this; no matter how tired you are and you have not gotten all your images finish up or resign yourself to what you have in the can because going back, one may not be an option, and two you will never match the light.

I loaded my Lomo LC Wide with Revolog Tesla 2; my attempt to spice up a dreary spring day. Thankfully the special effect barely registered throughout the roll and would have been a big distraction. The images are rather quiet. I am very pleased with the colors, the dramatic sky (who knew that there was such magic under all that grey), and how all the images appear completely different. Same day, same location, same camera, same film. Light is hugely impactful. Click to view larger; galleries and slide shows are cropped.

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