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LARGE Images ... small Screen

I'm a huge fan of movies in a dark theatre on the big screen because it's an escape on multiple levels. The story, the sound, the artery clogging fake butter popcorn, and last, but not least, the IMAGES.

The first IMAX film that I experienced was Star Trek in 2010. It was shown in a domed IMAX theatre and it was GREAT! There was no way that the viewer was anywhere other than space. Images on a big screen makes a difference. They enhance details and reveal the complete picture. Images also speak when the viewer is fully engaged. Computers, tablets, and cellphones have made life immediate, convenient and compact.

I embrace all of the new technology but as an analog photographer I also hold onto traditions. I love the process of photography; from the click of the shutter to the final photo flo bath. In the past I would head into the darkroom for proof sheets now I pull up a chair to my large screen computer and scanner (which I prefer).

I think dust spots on images are lazy, and I was never a huge fan of film grain; although I'm embracing it more. I use Adobe suite (with a light touch) for editing. After I've completed my new images I review them in the dark before I load them into my galleries. I stop, and see; the colors and/or the stories that I've captured. If it is a film soup I take note of the color especially around the frame of the image. I almost always take at least one double exposure just for the sake of it. These images, for me, are like an Easter egg on a DVD. A present.

I love film in all mediums and I appreciate excellent cinematography like the Dark Knight, the Matrix, the new Dune (sigh) and Tar (bravura performance by Cate Blanchette). One of my favorite YouTube subscriptions is @AmazingShots.

I'm on Instagram more than I have ever been but I'm viewing on my desktop and not on my phone. The images are too small on a cellphone and they deserve a large screen. Photography, after all, is about seeing.

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