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Lomochrome Purple

Infrared film is really cool. I once thought that it was very odd and certainly scary because it was ethereal and other wordly. I couldn't get over the "strange". Blue skies present as black and foilage is super white and skin tones are transparent, yes, transparent which may or may not account for the lack of Google images of people with accompanying black eyes (think Ridley Scott's navigators in Prometheus).

A Holga assignment changed my mind when my class was assigned to shoot a roll. Detroit isn't the cleanest city but my first role of infrared film transformed it. Old homes looked majestic and rundown buildings didn't bring to mind blight but beauty. I was hooked. Kodak made a color infrared film (Aerochrome) that is no longer available so when I read that Lomogaphy sold a purple infrared film I bought a roll. The images are interesting but I'm still hoping that Kodak resurrect it's version.

Lomo purple is simple to use you don't need any special filters to get the infrared effect and it's developed in c-41. It has a range where you can shoot from iso 100-400. I developed my roll at 200. Like most films made by Lomography I found it to be very grainy. I also find it to be too overall purple. Lacking distinct characteristics it reminds me of a purple filter and not a true infrared film. I will take it out for some long exposure stills at some point; on a bright sunny day with lots of clouds.

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