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Lomography CT 9+1

Would you purchase a "collectable" 23 year-old camera off of eBay? I did, and after my first test roll I am extremely happy with the purchase which was completed on faith. When I found a Lomo compact automate collector's edition on eBay I could not find a single image of it on Google. Not one.

As it turns out this very rare camera was #904 of only 936 produced and still in shrink wrap so I had to trust the product images on eBay. A 23 year-old brand new lomography camera. Faith. The certificate that came within the package states that this production was in honor of the Centenary of Lomography in Russia. The numbers on the silver back plate are 9+1 which denotes 10 years of Lomography + 90 years of Lomo PLC.

The first roll I loaded was Revolog Lazer; another specialty film that I absolutely love. The colors are amazing and the unexpected laser beam invading the frame is just fun. This was my last roll, and they are currently sold out; so more faith. I set the camera on automatic and I got a lot of light leaks, which did not phase me. I was just thrilled that it seemed to be working perfectly.

I took a brief walk through Eastern Market a popular open-air market near downtown. The murals there are fantastic as are the shops. I'm looking forward to my next rolls which will be shot in manual and maybe on a road trip to Chicago. Click to view larger; galleries and slide shows are cropped.

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What an amazing find!! These pictures are rad with the laser effect.

Jun 19, 2023
Replying to

Morning! Thank you! It was definitely a find. I put a lot of thought into it before I purchased. I kept thinking about picture brides that never look like the picture; lol. Revolog is really quality film.

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