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Lomography Turquoise Film

Lomo Turquoise is a strange and unpredictable film. I've been shooting it since it's re-release last summer and I want to love it, but I'm not quite there yet. I took some images at a tattoo expo, and I absolutely loved the results. I've been taking images with it outdoors, indoors and with various cameras with mixed results. I will add that when I want something a little different from black and white I'll grab a roll of Lomo Turquoise.

Lomography turquoise do not yield rich colors, but subdued, desaturated washed out color. More often than not the oranges are rendered peach and the blues are pale. This can be easily adjusted in either photoshop or Lightroom which I use to complete the look that I want with this film. Lately I've been working on my Lightroom skills because I must.

As a lomographer I use both apps with a lot of thought and generally a light touch. I can't stand dust so that's the first imperfection that is fixed. When I shoot with my Holga I don't sharpen any images because the point of the Holga is the soft-dreaminess of the image.

Last month I had difficulty submitting images to an open call. When I received the prints I wasn't happy with them. The crops were off and my limited Lightroom skills were on full display. I couldn't get past this so I didn't submit them. Computers really are a modern marvel because prints are a whole other story.

The first image below which I've named The Gate is a favorite and the image that I corrected. The sky is no longer a muddy orange, I removed the bird which didn't have enough detail, the green foliage has been sharpened, and I saturated the color. As I progress with my Lightroom tutorials I might revisit it but I'm much happier with it now.

I've been watching YouTuber Peter McKinnon (who is funny and knowledgeable) and practicing. The images below are all Lomo turquoise, shot in different lighting, with different cameras. I'm a little surprised that both Holga images top right and bottom right are sharper than the Lomo LC Wide which is a zone focus, half frame 💙 camera with two focal length settings. Click to view larger; galleries and slide shows are cropped.

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Lomo Turquoise never seems to work quite the way I'm expecting. I've either very pleasantly surprised or extremely underwhelmed. I love this selection you've shared. I wouldn't even know these were all the same film stock since there is so much variety. I love the top right Holga picture, the color range is so interesting!

Aug 14, 2023
Replying to

I'm so glad that it isn't just me! If I had my way all of my images with this film would have the characteristics of the bottom left image. The predominate blue cast over the people don't make them look like sci-fi extras; just the right amount of "different".

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