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Night Visions


[The] Period the moon rises and the sky darkens. The night is a good opportunity to rest, forgive forget, dream and be ready for the next day's fights. "Night is to see the dreams and day is to make them true." by Knight - The Urban Dictionary

I'm drawn to night photography because I love the lights and the endless possibilities that are held within. Light and film, one unpredictable, the other fleeting, both visionary. We've all heard the phrase catching lightning in a bottle. It's a metaphor for the unexpected and the unattainable and yet all dreamers try. I know I do.

I don't have a set routine but I like to create my own environment when I shoot at night. I will pack my tripod of course, throw in some Ilford film or Cinestill (gorgeous cinematic images no matter what the subject), and grab a Holga or Diana F camera. I'll also pick two of my favorite jazz albums to jack into. I keep my bag light and sparse and my volume on low.

When I return from a shoot I unpack my bag and I will wrap my film immediately. One because I can't wait to see what I've gotten, two I'll get lazy and put it off, and three, if I soup, this takes time. Also for me it's a little like being a kid on Christmas morning ripping off the gift wrapping. I wanna see.

That's how I feel when I scan my negatives especially after an image that I've taken has stuck in my head. Did I get it? I ask myself, then laugh because it's an entirely subjective question. How many times were we sure that we got it only to find out that we didn't, at least in our eyes, only to see soon afterward it resonate with others.

The images below are long exposures from my Diana F and Holga (only the first image is a Diana F). This is a favorite of mine because there were two boys who were wearing light up sneakers, it was a light bike parade, and just hung out while my image set in. The very grand Guardian building is in the back. It was a warm summer night and one of the few mass events just as Covid was ending. We were all ready for the light.

Photography like time has it's own power to revive memories and evoke emotion. I'm always moving forward but I do like looking back; to learn and to appreciate ... everything. Cheers!

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