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Photographers Just Do It!

It was a busy weekend in Detroit for cool events. There were two scheduled that I looked forward to attending, one was the red carpet walk for the Detroit Red Wings game and the second was the annual Detroit Free Press Marathon.

Fall has caught up with Michigan and the weather has been, well, fall. Chilly to cold and grey. On Saturday there was so much rain that the red carpet walk was canceled by the Red Wings. I read the posts on Facebook and the fans were not happy. I woke up and looked out of the window and went "really?" I didn't want to go, as a resident, and a photographer who shows up two hours before the event. I didn't want to think about being cold and drenched. For me there was relief.

Like this blog, I decided that no matter what that if I have scheduled the event, I am going. I decided to work as hard for myself as I would for a paying client. I think once you become your own client the mindset shifts and you generate more opportunities. It also keeps the creative and business juices flowing. Photography is always there both creatively and professionally.

It's fall in Michigan and there is no light. It is pitch black outside until almost 7:30 a.m. I thought about this the night before when I was getting my gear ready. I always pack my camera bag the day before. I packed my Lomo LCA Wide and Lomo Lca+. One had black and white film and the other color but both had flashes. On Sunday I dragged myself out of bed at 5 a.m. the race started at 7 a.m.

When I arrived downtown there were so many marathoners, spectators, volunteers, and police that I took out my Nikon D850. I always reflect on decisions like this because film photography is work - hard work. When the environment is not controlled, and everyone is moving fast, I go digital. The film cameras of old do not have led screens and light conditions were black; not dark. As a film photographer I often think that I've cheated when I shoot digital, I guess it's like being a smoker who feels that they shouldn't, but do. I remind myself that I'm still walking, talking, and hunting for images that speak, and again, that is work.

I've updated the Events portfolio where you can see my digital work. I did shoot a roll of film after the sun came up and the runners were finishing, but I like the digital images much better. I also marveled at the exposure of these images and the impressive blue sky which actually was pitch black to the naked eye. Click to view larger; galleries and slide shows are cropped.

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