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Photography In December

Ordinarily I love the sound and smell of rain but when I hear it just two weeks before Christmas it tells me that there is no snow outside. This is probably contributing to my not really feeling Christmas this year.

I had decided that I'd go out this weekend and chase some Christmas spirit and shoot a roll of pretty downtown lights. There were two problems with this plan; one I wanted to shoot everything in black and white which kinda defeated the purpose, and two it rained both days.

So I looked into my archives and I dug out a memories that made me smile. Maybe next weekend (there are two left) I will have some new Christmas images. I also wanted to use my Mamiya C330f TLR. An all mechanial beast of a camera that requires time and patience to set up especially at night and preferably without any rain.  Click to view larger; galleries and slide shows are cropped.

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