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Photography In Fall

There are two bests that happens in fall, one the color change, and two, Halloween. This year I've ordered the best blue wig with led lights, and accompanying led globe earrings that look like 1970s disco balls. This year's ensemble is quite subtle.

The color change has been slow this year but the green is still lush, I keep jumping ahead and asking myself what will I shoot when winter comes. Due to climate change for the past two winters, Detroit hasn't gotten as much snow as the surrounding suburbs. I'm not a fan of cold, but photographing snow is better than photographing a grey city.

Last Saturday I attended the opening ceremony for the expansion of the Detroit Riverwalk. It was an excellent event from the ribbon cutting to the mini carnival. It would have been a perfect day had I not forgotten to pack a neutral density filter to offset the empty grey sky. When shooting digital the camera will not compensate for a blank canvas. This filter is extremely useful in both sunny and cloudy grey conditions to either enhance detail or control the brightness of the sky. I sorely missed this small wonder tool.

I primarily shot digital but I also shot an expired roll Lomography 400 with my LCA Wide. I was surprised at the washed out color. After I scanned it I added a couple of Lightroom presets that I liked. I still get a kick out of half frame photography. It definitely takes dreaming to the next level. The biker image is a perfect example of this. It reminded me of the Wizard of Oz; 2.0 style. One minute riding on Woodward Avenue the next headed towards the water and the Belle Isle bridge.

The first three images below are film and the rest are from my Nikon D850. The half frame images are extremely wide, and they are best seen on a desktop, or laptop computer. The digital stills have been loaded into the Events portfolio. Click to view larger; galleries and slide shows are cropped.

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2 comentarios

The multi-exposure shots are so trippy, I love it!

Me gusta
24 oct 2023
Contestando a

Hi Ashley, thank you! They're not multiple exposure they're actually half frame without the mask. They remind me of sci-fi movies with temporal themes. The LCA Wide is one of my favorite splurges ever!

Me gusta
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