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Pride Photo Diary

June is Pride month and every year I try to attend at least one pride event. I think Pride is important because it's a human rights cause. Equality like Democracy can never be passé or taken for granted.

Detroit held it's annual Motor City Pride parade and I took the images below this weekend. I think that parade photos in general are tough because there is so much going on and it only takes a split second for someone or something to wander into the frame and end your composition (I couldn't resist keeping the little girl with the donuts in the lower left frame slide - two).

This year for me was very active. I stood next to a woman whom I swear knew half the people marching. Delta Airlines was fun they were serving the crowd treats as if we were on a flight. The kids were great! The little girl in slide five has it! I wonder if she'll be an actress someday. I took my "you never know what you're gonna get" Lomo LC Wide camera loaded it with various films that all look like Kodak or Fuji and just went with the flow.

I shot a lot of film and I'm still editing so I'm starting this month's photo diary off with these images. This gallery will continue to change throughout June so keep checking back and happy Pride to all! Click to view larger; galleries and slide shows are cropped.

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