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Roulette... Around & Around

Roulette is a new weekly portfolio. This will be a rotating portfolio that will be changed well... weekly. I find that website visitors will land on the Home page, take a look, and see the same images, then jet. Photographers usually will post what they feel is their best work on the home page and leave it there.

I did that.

I've started to shoot regularly again. I've been using my Nikon FA (the images from Eastern Market) and I've also been developing rolls of film that I had thrown in a drawer; case in point the New York images. These 120 film rolls are significant to me for two reasons; it was my first time using a Diana F+ camera and I thought that I brought back blank rolls which I almost tossed but instead put away.

The images are from 2018. The trip was cold and rainy and I wasn't feeling any of it. When I returned home I noticed that my camera was set on pinhole and I thought, o.k., well I have about 7 blank rolls of film, so I wasn't in any hurry to develop them. Last Sunday I pulled the film out and to my surprise I have images that aren't half bad.

Timing is everything; the images that were shot on Kodak Portra 800 you can seen that the paper has imprinted the name on the images like a photogram. The images that are purple and moody was shot on Fuji Pro 400. The images have not been color corrected. I'm also surprised that the Portra 800 came out so well. The images are not over exposed at all and came out really dreamy.

The black and white images that are in the gallery is from a walk through my local open air market Eastern Market. For these images I used my Nikon FA (such a great camera) with my Lensbaby Sweet 50.

When the week is up the images will be moved to either the "Lomo Love" gallery or the "No Rules" gallery.

Until next time.

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