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Seeing REDscale

It's Memorial Day eve and downtown Detroit is lit with Sunday afternoon activity. The boats are out jumping waves, the Movement Festival is rocking in Hart Plaza, and my Lomo LC Wide is loaded with a roll of expired Lomography Redscale Negative 100 in 35mm format for an afternoon stroll to see what I can see.

This is a daring move for me because previously I've only had mild success with Redscale (film that is exposed on the opposite side of the emulsion) with my Holga. A few months ago when I added a new/used LC-A+ from eBay to my growing collection of them I scored 14 rolls of expired film as part of the buy. The roll that I shot was an original Lomography Redscale release with a designated ISO rating of 100. The current rolls have a variable ISO from 50 to 200.

All I can say is that finally a redscale collection of images that I am pleased with that are loaded to the brim with quirky LC Wide randomness. A happy Memorial Day to all! Click to view larger; galleries and slide shows are cropped.

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