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Shoot From The Hip ... still?

I haven’t posted a blog on my site in over a year and I'm still shocked by this. Posting on Instagram off and on definitely isn't blogging. Time waits for no one.

A lot has happened in a year, and nothing has happened in a year. Inflation is on the rise and film is crazy expensive now. I'm not happy about this because film was never, not expensive. A roll of 120 film with 12 exposures is $25.00! When I first saw this I was like - nope! After a month I caved and bought some - I still haven't shot any of it. I'm not really waiting for any special event even though I am treating it like that special bottle of wine.

As a result, gasp, I’ve begun to subconsciously abandon the shoot from the hip mantra.

I love film photography, the quiet, the quality, the creativity. I hate that it feels like it’s dying, or that only a few of us are left. I’ve been shooting non-stop this past year with both my Holga and Diana F cameras. In all formats from 120 to 35 with the Diana film back and the Holga 120 pinhole. I always cringe when I don't get an image that I wanted and worked for. Now I cringe with $alty language.

I recently bought a Lomo LC-a+ (a blog on this is forthcoming - no images from it are in this post). Coming late to the party, I had a heck of a time finding the splitzer for it. After weeks of scouring the web (super rare – no longer available item) and eBay, I finally found one.

Here are some recent images; most are from my first vacation since Covid eased; taken in June. The rest were taken during my blog silence. There are five images that are digital. Can you tell which ones? Two were taken with my Holga digital camera which is outrageously priced on eBay second hand. The remaining three were taken with my Nikon D850 and Holga plastic lens.

I've been adding images across all portfolios. Cheers!

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