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The Business of Photography

I took a tour of a beautiful historic building last weekend. As I stood inside the shop that sponsored it, I took in all the items for sale; from the t-shirts to the vintage postcards. I stopped in front of the rack of books upon books of photography on the subject of Detroit, and how it was divided into every category imaginable. I thought as I read the various titles; how can one stand out and above the rest?

In most cases the answer to this question is unfortunately to know someone. We live in the world with social media, and everyone has tossed their hat into the ring to be that star. Creatives might have different styles, techniques, and ideas but ultimately most are just the crowd.

To look at too much is to see nothing at all. I think about this when I add images to my multiple portfolios on this site. I started this site because of my love of photography and to do me. It is also an expansive portfolio to show my personal work. There are no graduation portraits, wedding kisses or event photographs anywhere.

Recently, I've been looking at photography companies (the competition if you will), and I have found in my research that reputation is a crucial part to good business. This sounds easy but business is never easy; it's work. Meeting deadlines, making good on promises, and excellent work product is the proven formula for success. I was disheartened by how many photography businesses that had BBB complaints and one star reviews.

Change has permeated the air so what is the answer? Self publish? Start my own company or play it safe? Click to view larger; galleries and slide shows are cropped.

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