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The Cost of Film Photography

Confessions of a bored creative; it rained all week so I shopped all week, and not for any essentials. Cinestill had a great sale which I found out about through an Instagram friend's story so I bought some 120 film. I was surfing eBay, and I found a mint condition Fuji GS645S, and lastly I bought some graduated color filters for it. I know, thank goodness the rain ends tomorrow.

If there is one good thing about film photography "dying" it's that the equipment can be found for a song or two. I have always admired nice film equipment, but I know that I would never spend thousands of dollars for a camera. I started in 35 mm with the Nikon system because of the non-changing f-mount. My first serious medium format camera was the Mamiya C330f not a hand-made Hasselblad, and now I have an extensive plastic camera collection.

Personally I don't think that film photography is dying, the roots are too deep, and it continues to evolve. The cost to buy and develop film is the ouch! I'm lucky because I know how to develop and scan my own film which is both terrifying and thrilling. Thirty-five years ago digital photography entered our creative eco system and altered the landscape. Now we have to face the fact that film photography is a niche market.

Next week sunny skies and back to work. Click to view larger; galleries and slide shows are cropped.

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