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The Fuji GS645S-A Comedy of Errors

I think that the title of this blog pretty much sums up shooting my first roll of 120 film in my Fuji GS645S. I grabbed a roll of Lomochrome Turquoise just to see how it would react in a "real" camera. As I was removing the tape I dropped the film and it loosened on the spool so I already knew that I would have some light leaks.

It was a sunny but overcast day so I grabbed a graduated neutral density filter. This was error number two. The Fuji has rules that one must remember; for instance holding the camera landscape you are actually shooting vertical and holding the camera vertical you are actually shooting in landscape. I was prepared for this creative dance, but half of the time I forgot to make the filter adjustment; so... yeah.

The biggest pro of the day is that the camera works great. I bought it from eBay and it looked amazing and it even had a new camera smell. The camera was introduce in 1984 with a reputation for being mostly plastic (be still my beating heart) the excellent but fragile lens (there's always a quid pro quo) and the lens protector which is referred to as the crowbar.

The first roll wasn't perfect but it did give me a lot of ideas for my current projects. I'm going back for two images that I missed and must have. Here are the only images that I thought were o.k. to share. Click to view larger; galleries and slide shows are cropped.

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That first shot, though, is with the light leak? It is incredible! It's smoky, apocalyptic, and dreamy all at the same time.

May 15, 2023
Replying to

Yes ma'am! A HUGE light leak and it's my favorite. Thank you for the creative boost. Hoping that the second time is the charm.

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