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The Holga Mini Me

In 2015/2016 Holga introduced a digital camera. This camera was supposedly designed to have all the quirkiness of the Holga film cameras. The soft focus, the vignette, the unpredictability of the final image. The camera is much smaller than the Holga 120 and can fit into the palm of your hand. The final touch is that there is no preview screen; just a memory card which evokes the nagging question of did I get the shot?

The reviewers panned it as an epic fail and there were endless articles about what could have been. Today the Holga digital is a rare find even by eBay’s searches. I deem myself lucky to own one. I will say that I bought it for a song from Urban Outfitters three years ago. And right or wrong it was always an afterthought. When I went out to take photos, I’d spend an hour loading cameras, filters and tripod. The Holga would maybe, maybe not, be dropped into my coat pocket.

Recent trips to Chicago and New York changed my mind about this tiny but mighty camera. Last week I posted about 5 images on Facebook and asked if anyone could tell me which Holga digital had been photo-shopped. No one replied which surprised me because I read all the time about how photographers will say “straight out of the camera,” or taken with cell phone to which I repress the impending eye roll to this proud pomp.

I didn’t immediately post any of the Holga digital images on my site because it’s a film photography website. It’s also a toy camera website and after viewing the last portfolio of images I decided that the Holga digital had rightfully earned a place on my site. It's plastic and it is also a Holga.

As mentioned above I have added a Holga digital portfolio. Click to view larger; galleries and slide shows are cropped.

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