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The Personal Cost of Film Photography

I'm sitting in my office looking around at all the boxes and bins of film that I've been "collecting" from eBay as well as traditional sellers such as Cinestill and B&H photo and I'm thinking, where do I begin? I've decided to put order to the chaos.

As we all know film is now considered a niche market and it is expensive which is why I've been buying in bulk when it has gone on sale. I always shoot carefully and now my office looks like I need to join a 12-step program to quit film (never), or at least control the spending (done).

I was always told that photographers are gadget junkies and that they want the newest cameras and lenses. I never fit this mold in my early days of system building, I was too busy learning the actual craft. With the introduction of digital photography and eBay (a reason for and sources to bargain film cameras and accessories), I can firmly say that I am now a gadget junkie. I'm sure that I have over 50 cameras (not including lenses, filters and nick knacks).

It may look like it, but I'm not at the point where I need a 12-step program; I have decided not to purchase anymore film this year. I'm also completely done with purchasing cameras. I currently go out at least once a week to shoot film, I'm going to increase my film days. I had planned to go out this weekend to shoot some color and soak it in a homemade film soup but I couldn't think of what I wanted to shoot or where to go so I watched a movie.

One of the Golden Rules of Lomography is don't think, just shoot. I'm breaking this rule by making a weekly schedule of what film I will shoot and what camera I will use and where to go. Visual story telling is all over the September agenda. The only decision left is whether it will be in color or black and white; that choice I will leave to chance.

I remember my photography teacher saying that he didn't want to see anymore images of the Renaissance Center. The Ren Cen is on the water and most attractions have been built around it and let's face it, sometimes it's just unavoidable. So this week's inside joke is images of what else? The Renaissance Center. Click to view larger; galleries and slide shows are cropped.

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