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Toy Photography Squared

Toy camera photography can evoke three main images; a legitimate child’s toy, a plastic camera like the Holga or Diana F and finally photography with miniature toys.

In my quest for fresh toy camera content I find myself watching fun and often funny You Tube videos with plastic digital cameras going up against traditional film cameras that ends with image comparisons that isn’t radically different.

Current text about toy camera photography in the category that most interests me is rare. Most of the stories are from eight years ago or more. Toy camera use is now represented primarily in images with a hashtag on and Instagram.

On the bright and surprising side in my search for current content/insights, I discovered Toy Photography a category of photography not to be confused with toy “camera” photography. I read an excellent article and watched an excellent video about the creative process in this photographic niche, and I am now a fan. As I watched the five minute time lapse video, I appreciated that the artist was alone and completely engrossed with his art. Art that is slow, thoughtful, and detailed.

For me, right now the world is very noisy and when I grab my camera to head out or heat up my chemicals to stay in and develop; it is the same for me. My photography is my quiet space, no noise, no drama; just me externalizing the idea, the dream, the metaphors.

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