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What Do You Dream?

Have you ever asked someone, "what do you dream?" I think that this is an innocent question but it will often put people on guard. As if they've heard tell me your secrets. Dreams aren't secrets. I think in most cases they are personal goals, internal desires, and in my case motivation to create.

I find this reaction funny because most of the time people can't remember their dreams; at most they remember fragments. I remember watching the Leonardo DiCaprio movie Inception and marveled at the imagery, and his explanation of dreams, of how one can't really remember how they enter their dreams. It was a good point even if it was movie-speak.

I like Wikipedia's definition, a dream is a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. There are actually five types of dreams (I Googled it), I won't bore you with the details; but we know the main two, normal and nightmares.

When I have zero motivation I load my cameras anyway and head out. At most I'll get some exercise and maybe a few sea salt chocolate chip cookies on my way back. The camera that I take on days like this is my Lomo LC-A Wide. This camera fits into my pocket and it never fails to spark many dreams.

This small joy can be set on half frame. I shoot it without the insert that keeps the double frames separate, and neatly within the single 35mm frame because that is how the dreaming begins. I like how the images drift into one another and become lucid. There are no beginnings or endings. I find these images more interesting than double exposure because it takes a moment for the viewer to register what they are seeing.

Warning: the negatives are hell to scan but worth it. My Epson gets freaked out by them without fail. I like to think that when someone looks at my images that they were engaged. Here are some images that I shot this past weekend. I wasn't bored but I wanted something a little different; familiar yet other worldly.

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